Take Out Lunch Platter

30 servings
1.0 jar(s)
Salami (double pack)
2.0 bag(s)
Rice Crackers-Nut Thins
0.25 box(es)
Cheese Platter (sliced)
1.0 package(s)
Pita chips
1.0 bag(s)
Sliders buns
36.0 whole
Cookies (Bakery Choco Chip)
24.0 whole
Mandarin Oranges
30.0 whole
Veggie Platter
1.0 whole
Mayo Packets
30.0 whole
Mustard Packets (Dijon)
30.0 whole
Claussen Pickle Spears
2.0 jar(s)

Recipe Instructions

Arrange everything on platters and bowls as needed. Salami, veggies and crackers & sliders on platters.