Asian Chicken Salad

30 servings
1.0 bag(s)
Jam (Raspberry)
0.3 jar(s)
Whole Wheat Bread Loaf
0.5 whole
6.0 head(s)
Cabbage - Purple
0.25 head(s)
Cabbage - Green
0.5 head(s)
1.0 whole
Bell Peppers - Tri colored
2.0 whole
Mandarin Oranges - canned
1.0 can(s)
Crispy Asian Noodles
1.0 bag(s)
Almonds (sliced)
1.0 cup(s)
Sweet Chili Sauce
0.5 cup(s)
Rice Vinegar
0.5 cup(s)
Vegetable Oil
0.5 cup(s)
4.0 whole
Carrots (Shredded)
1.0 bag(s)
2.0 whole
Small cookies
50.0 whole
Lemonade (Dry)
10.0 ounce(s)
La Croix/ Soda
27.0 can(s)
Peanut Butter
0.3 jar(s)
Wraps (Green)
15.0 whole
Chicken Strips (grilled)
5.0 pound(s)

Dietary Restrictions
Wheat / Gluten

Recipe Instructions

For Salad:
Toss Romaine, purple & green cabbage, cucumber, red & yellow bell pepper, mandarin oranges, and carrots in a large serving bowl, top with Asian crispy noodles. Place chicken on separate platter or bowl so vegetarians can opt out.

For Dressing:
Combine chili sauce, rice vinegar, vegetable oil in mason jar and shake to combine. Serve with lime wedges.

Wraps are optional