Pesto al Pasta
oil, olive
pine nuts
garlic, cloves
basil, dried
cheese, parmesan, grated

McBreakfast w/ avocado
english muffin
avocado, whole
cheese, cheddar, sliced

Mango Sticky Rice
rice, sushi
coconut milk, powdered
mango, freeze dried

Red Curry with Beef
potatoes, shredded, dried
red curry paste
beef, freeze dried
broccoli slaw
cream, powdered equivalent
rice, boil-in-bag

Breakfast Polenta with Cherries and Almonds
polenta, instant
sugar, brown
almonds, slivered
cherries, dried
milk, powdered equivalent

Grasshopper Pie
Graham Crackers, chocolate
pudding, pistachio, instant
water, purified
milk, powdered equivalent

Tuna nicoise salad sandwiches
oil, olive
tuna, canned
artichoke hearts
lemon juice
lettuce, romaine
onion, red
bread, whole wheat

Wild Rice Pilaf
rice, brown
carrots, sliced, dried
marjoram, powder
onion, green, dried
thyme, powder
green beans, freeze-dried
celery, dried, sliced
garlic, granules
rosemary, dried
vegetable stock powder
almonds, slivered
artichoke hearts
black pepper, ground

Instant Coffee
coffee, instant

Lemon pudding with blackberry sauce
lemon pudding, cook & serve
eggs, powdered
sugar, white
blackberries, freeze dried
arrowroot powder

Chocolate pudding with raspberry sauce
milk, powdered equivalent
raspberries, freeze dried
sugar, white
arrowroot powder
chocolate pudding, cook and serve

Creamed Salmon for Backpacking
salmon, canned
peas, frozen
water, purified
Knorr Lemon Herb sauce mix
milk, powdered
dill, dried
Pasta, vermicelli

Chocolate bars
chocolate, bars

Mashed Potato Pancakes
black pepper, ground
cheese, cheddar, shredded
hash browns, instant, rehydrated
mashed potatoes, instant
oil, olive
garlic, powder
onion, powder
flour, wheat

Pineapple spam fried rice
green peas
bean sprouts
nuts (peanuts or cashews)
soy sauce
oil, peanut
rice, long grain

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