Menu de planejamento
para grupos

Economize tempo. Economize dinheiro. Reduza o desperdício de comida.

O planejamento de menus para grupos pode ser difícil. Quer você seja um fornecedor para uma viagem de acampamento de uma semana, agendando o cardápio de seu acampamento de verão, servindo um grande evento ou planejando comida para sua pousada, o software online da Wholesum para planejamento de cardápio pode ajudar.

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Daniel - EPI

"Wholesum has not only made my job of preparing our food packing list for a 9-month field season easier and more efficient, it has also helped reduce our field staff's workload, helped to forecast our season food budget, and to cut down on food waste."

Gia - Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures

"Wholesum has been a total game-changer for us!"

Kris - L.L.Bean

"The Wholesum Food Calculator has been a valuable investment for our programs. We run a variety of trips and serve hundreds of meals each year. Using Wholesum for our menu planning has allowed us to refine and improve our menus with ease, which has resulted in better meals for our customers, less food waste, and a savings to our bottom line."

Katie - Wild Rockies Field Institute

"Our field staff used to get bogged down with hours of ingredient conversions, spreadsheet calculations, and reviewing recipes for dietary restrictions. With Wholesum, menu planning takes a few minutes."

Pete - Momentum Rafting

"Wholesum is WAY better for food planning than a spreadsheet and WAY simpler (and better) than catering programs. We spend less time menu planning, shopping, and packing. And it has allowed us to make our meals more varied, deal with dietary requests better, and it saved us close to 20% in food costs. It is amazing."

Erik - Orange Torpedo Trips

"Last year I said numerous times, starting my Wholesum account was the most important thing I did. Now I can adjust for dietary restrictions or different kinds of groups on the fly with ease, we are more efficient in our buying which has greatly reduced waste and our guides are supported with easy-to-use menus adjusted for their specific trip and group. Happier clients, happier guides, saving a ton of money, and less work for me! Basically, it is an all-around win."

Lisa - Grand Canyon Trust

"We used to have an old, outdated excel spreadsheet full of errors, which was a struggle to use. Now, Wholesum Food Calculator allows us to easily drag and drop menu items, and print an organized grocery list in minutes! Bring on the field season!"

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