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Can I track recipe and meal plan costs?

Yes! Just update the costs in the ingredient section to automatically see the cost per meal, cost per serving and cost per group.

For more information, check out the Wholesum User Manual

How does it work?

Wholesum scales your recipes to meet the needs of your group based on group size, appetite size, duration and dietary restriction.  Take a look at the 1-minute crash course for details:


Can meal plans be exported?

Yes - All meal plans can be exported to PDF or XLS versions which can be downloaded, printed and emailed. Click the PDF or XLS icons on your meal plan to export.

Can I accommodate dietary restrictions?


There are are several ways to accommodate dietary restrictions.  The two best ways are:

1.  In "My Profile" turn on automatic calculation of substitute ingredients.  See the video below to get a better sense of how that works.

2.  Create alternate recipes (eg. Vegetarian Chili in addition to Chili con carne) and serve both in your meal plan, indicating the number of people eating each

Also, don't forget that when creating a meal plan, you can use the "Hide meals that contain" filter to select a meal without the dietary restriction.

View additional details in the Wholesum User Manual or in the instructional video on substitute ingredients below:

Do I need to provide credit card information for the free trial?


Is there an iPhone or Android App?

Yes!  You can download the Wholesum shopping list app here:

For Apple Products

For Android Products

You'll still want to create your recipes and meal plans on the online platform, but this app will help with the shopping and packing!

If I cancel or pause my account will my recipes and meal plans be lost?

No.   Your recipes and meal plans will be there waiting for you when you reactivate your account.  If your subscription lapses (due to unsubscribing or subscribing seasonally rather than annually), you'll lose access to your recipes and meal plans only temporarily.  Once re-subscribed all data will be available again.  If you'd like all data deleted, please reach out to us at

Can I use Wholesum to plan for utensils or gear?

Absolutely.    Either add an "ingredient" to your recipe to include it in the packing list (eg.  steak knives with a steak recipe) or create a separate "recipe" of all of your gear needed for the group (eg.  Create a recipe with 10 individuals served that has ingredients such as 10 wholes sleeping bags, 5 whole tents, and 10 whole bowls...etc).

Is there a User's Guide or Knowledge Base?

Yes - You can view/download a complete searchable knowledge base here:

Also - don't forget about our video tutorials for all of you audio/video learners out there:


How much does a subscription to WHOLESUM cost?

You can subscribe monthly or annually. Monthly subscriptions cost between $29 and $59 per month depending on the level chosen and are renewed automatically each until cancellation (you can cancel at any time).  See the pricing page for more details