Asian Salmon Foil-Pack Dinner - Grill

16 servings
salmon fillet - 6 oz
16.0 целое
sugar snap peas
16.0 кружка
mushrooms - dried
5.0 унция
sweet chili sauce - Panda
16.0 ст. ложка
Asian Salmon sauce - premade
1.0 банка
lime juice
6.0 ст. ложка

Инструкция рецепта

Prep time - 10 minutes Cook time - 30 minutes
Reconstitute mushrooms
Make each serving is in its own foil pouch using the foil sheets in the Camp Box.
Thaw fish.
Start coals from pre set bag.
Mix together snap peas, mushrooms, and sweet chili sauce in a separate bowl.
Add 6T lime juice to the jar of pre-made sauce.
Place a sheet of aluminum foil on the table.
Take note of the different sizes of fish pieces -- may want to group the larger ones together to both cook a bit longer, and provide known larger pieces to those that want them.
Set salmon filet in the middle of the foil.
Scatter 1/16th of the veggies around the salmon and pour a little of the pre-made sauce over fish & veggies.
Fold foil over to create a sealed packet.
Put packets on grill - fold side up - over coals for about 25 minutes.