Greek Chicken Dinner

30 servings
Greek Seasoning
0.5 cup(s)
Olive Oil
1.0 cup(s)
Fresh parsley
1.0 bunch(es)
7.0 whole
Chicken Breast (Frozen-Raw)
15.0 pound(s)
60.0 can(s)
White Wine (750 ml)
5.0 bottle(s)
Red Wine (750 ml)
5.0 bottle(s)
La Croix/ Soda
30.0 can(s)
Uncle Ben's Rice Pilaf
2.0 box(es)
Italian Bread Loaves
2.0 whole
1.0 whole
dill (fresh)
2.0 bunch(es)
Yogurt (Greek Plain)
32.0 ounce(s)
Kosher Salt (to taste)
1.0 teaspoon(s)
Pepper (to taste)
1.0 teaspoon(s)
garlic cloves
1.0 whole



If no pre-made Tzatziki sauce packed, combine peeled cucumber, plain greek yogurt, garlic cloves, dill, lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.
Wash parsley. Wrap it in a paper towel and store in a Ziploc.
Marinate Chicken in Greek Seasoning and olive oil and juice from 1/2 the lemons.
Follow box instructions for rice pilaf.
Heat bread on griddle with olive oil, cut into triangles and serve on side.
Garnish chicken and rice with parsley.