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Save time. Save money. Reduce food waste.

Planning menus for groups can be tough. Whether you're planning a week-long camping field trip for a classroom, coordinating menus for your next office retreat, catering a full wedding or selling jam at the farmer's market, Wholesum Food Calculator can help.

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Katie - Wild Rockies Field Institute

"Our field staff used to get bogged down with hours of ingredient conversions, spreadsheet calculations, and reviewing recipes for dietary restrictions. With Wholesum, menu planning takes a few minutes."

Gia - Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures

"Wholesum has been a total game-changer for us!"

Lisa - Grand Canyon Trust

"We used to have an old, outdated excel spreadsheet full of errors, which was a struggle to use. Now, Wholesum Food Calculator allows us to easily drag and drop menu items, and print an organized grocery list in minutes! Bring on the field season!"

Daniel - EPI

"Wholesum has not only made my job of preparing our food packing list for a 9-month field season easier and more efficient, it has also helped reduce our field staff's workload, helped to forecast our season food budget, and to cut down on food waste."

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