4 servings
Olive Oil
2.0 чайн. ложка
19.0 жидкая унция
Milk, powder
3.0 ст. ложка
Cheese, Powder
0.5 кружка
Dehydrated Onions
4.0 ст. ложка
Dehydrated vegetables
2.0 унция
0.5 ст. ложка
Elbow Macaroni Pasta
1.25 кружка

Диетические ограничения
Wheat / Gluten

Инструкция рецепта

1.Bring water to a boil then add. 2 tsp of oil to pot and pasta and stir on medium heat until heated (about 8-10 minutes)set to the side in a bowl.

2. Use the same pot to measure out 19 oz of water and bring to a boil .

3. Add milk and cheese pack stir until until smooth.

4. Add packet of dehydrated vegetables.

5. Add pasta to sauce pot.

6. Turn off heat and cover pot. Let sit for 10 minutes, or until food is tender and fully rehydrated.